Defining Tomorrow

There’s one word that my friend, Mary-Grace Wachal, and I don’t say.

It starts with a G, ends with an “raduation.”

Mary-Grace is a senior at Simpson College and will be graduating at the end of April. We met during my freshman year of college and quickly became good friends. The thought of her graduating is not one I enjoy thinking about.

But it’s not because I’m worried about her. No, Mary-Grace will be fine in the real world. She has an end-goal, but she also has a plan to achieve that end-goal.

“I plan to hopefully attend grad school one day for occupational therapy.”

Occupational Therapy is a form of rehabilitation that specializes in a specific area – from hands, to feet, to a certain age group.

“I would like to specialize in pediatrics, but I wouldn’t be opposed to broadening my horizons and seeing what else there is, because occupational therapy is a very broad field.”

The field of occupational therapy is extremely popular and growing immensely. This is good for the field as a whole, but it makes things difficult for aspiring OT’s.

Before grad school, applicants must complete a certain list of course work. Mary-Grace will graduate with her exercise science major, but will need a few more classes before considering grad school.

“I was originally looking at physical therapy, but I decided, after going through two rehab cycles of my own due to hip and knee surgeries, that’s not what I wanted to do. So, because I switched to focus on occupational therapy, there’s a few more classes I need to take before I can apply to grad school.”

In that gap year, Mary-Grace plans to work as an athletic trainer or coach at a local school.

If you were to talk to my friend about life after graduation, you would be surprised at her demeanor. She’s not stressed. She’s not worried.

“I think I’d be more stressed if I were looking for grad schools right now for this fall. But, everything will fall into place. It’s really dependent upon stuff that’s out of my control at this point.”

That takes guts. To trust that something completely out of control is going to work out in the end? See, this is why I’m not worried about my friend.

But she brings up a good point. It doesn’t make much sense to be worried about things that are out of our control. I recently had this conversation with another friend about a current situation I’m going through. I don’t like not being in control. I don’t enjoy the unknown. But there can be a certain peace in the unknown. It’s out of my control, so worrying about it is not going to help.

My goal is to be like my friend.

She knows God’s got this under control. She trusts in His plan. She knows He has her best interest in mind. I know this because she constantly is telling me to do the same.

Why worry about tomorrow? Live in the moment without worrying about what comes next.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” -Proverbs 31:25




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